Saturday, January 4, 2020

Society Half Full

We live in a society that mocks those who live for the moment. That there seems to be something wrong with the idea of focusing on the present. A society that prides and validates life based on its level of struggle. As if the value of a life can only be measured by adversity, that turmoil and trauma are the true currency.

Yes this society... Where suggestions typically start with what we don't want. We are consistently influenced to view and speak on our dislikes and discomforts.

Even love is gauged on what was fought through and overcome. Somehow some way we have even taken love and reduced it to the ability to forgive, endure and respond to life's situations still staying together.

This moment is dedicated to those who can see more than what this society presents...

Pain isn't the only benchmark for joy. Dreaming isn't just for children and optimism doesn't equal naive.

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