Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Men (Formerly "My Little Tangent")

This is just my own personal little rant. Maybe i'm just getting old, because some things don't make sense to me. For every guy out there who thinks it's okay to be lazy, uneducated, unfocused, honestly...to just be worthless, sorry to break it to you, but it's not alright. I was raised that a man, by definition, is to be strong, smart, dedicated, and honest.

I understand that no one is perfect, but that's the goal. To be the kind of person that can be counted on, and your word to truly mean something. That being a man is a standard, not an excuse. That the gauge of a man has nothing to do with the size of his house, the car he drives, or who designs his clothes. It's not about how many women he's slept with or how many fist fights he's been in.

I was taught that the measure of a man is in the words spoken of him not by him. My family's country and I learned from my grandmother, "if you have to convince somebody, that you are somebody, you ain't nobody."

There is this movement of unambitious, non-working, non-child raising, sorry individuals. Fathers are few and far between, "baby's daddies", everywhere like roaches. Which brings me to you women... Women who will take the weakest excuse for a man over having no man at all. It's okay to have standards, it's okay to raise the bar. Have the strength to stand on your own until something better comes along.

When searching for a mate sometimes you have to cast out a little bit deeper, quit settling for the shallow merky part of the pond. Men don't rule the world, we never have. We do however rise to the level of what's necessary. Though some of us are driven to excel, most are just trying to squeak by. I only say this because if the quality of man is to improve, thus raising better children to then become better men, women we need your help.

I had positive male role models growing up, but it took the strong women in my life to make it important. I needed both. So for all of you guys rolling your 600's on 22's, with 3 kids by 2 women, staying in your 2 bedroom apartment with 3 roomates...get it. And for you ladies with 2 kids by 2 guys, but go out 3 nights a week on a mission for a third because your kids are with grandma...you need your asses kicked too...I'm better now.

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