Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Real Parents

Now you may have read, "My little tangent", regarding my perception of the state of affairs of men and women these days...still valid. But this one is a little different.

First of all, to all of the real parents out there, I salute you. The ones who work hard to provide for, teach, and train their young ones to be productive contributing members of society, thank you for doing your job. I know some of you have sacrificed; your time, money, relationships, and even happiness to make sure your children are alright...that being said, this ain't for you.

This is for you other individuals...the ones who feel they are parents because they procreated. Now according to Webster, you are, but in the real world, we know different. Yes YOU! Raising the future felons of tomorrow. Yes YOU! Making sure Too $hort will never have a shortage of hoes for the video. I'm talking to YOU! If your heart is beating a little faster right now...i'm talking to YOU!

I'm not talking about your children, as disrespectful, ignorant and untrained as they might be, no, no, no, i'm talking to YOU! The surprising thing i've found out, there are a lot of you that don't know it's YOU! So to eliminate confusion and question I have put together a checklist to let YOU know if you are in deed f*cking up as a parent.

1. If you have ever used the phrase, "I have to 'babysit' my kids"- you're f*cking up.
2. If you think children only cost $200 a month.- you're f*cking up
3. If 'you're' children call their grandparents mommy/daddy and you by your first name...- you're f*cking up
4. If you have ever been asked, "you gonna come see these kids?"- you're f*cking up
5. And finally...If when you tell your kids, "I'll be right back", they roll their eyes...-you're f*cking up

I was told that because I don't have kids, I don't know what i'm talking about. My reply, I don't have a pilot's license either, but if the plane crashes I know there was a f*ck up somewhere.

This is not designed to be mean, but enough of the part time parents. Gentlemen, kids are not a bill that you pay or don't pay once a month. They require your time, attention and guidance. And ladies, children are not bargaining chips or relationship ransom. They need nurturing, love, and support. So let's step up and be REAL PARENTS, it's not about YOU, and if you can't stay together...at least be adults.

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