Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Excuse Me

One of the best life lessons I was priviledged enough to learn oddly came from an old coach. "The only difference between an explanation and an excuse...is the spelling." It just feels like more and more we are not only a nation but a planet of excuse makers.

We have an excuse for everything. Why this happened, or that didn't, "my kid was sick" to "my alarm didn't go off." One after another. But I feel where this is most detrimental is, we have become a planet of excuse "takers". We accept all of the bs and excuses because we need our own to be accepted.

Often I am accused of being insensitive or unfeeling, because excuses made to me fall on deaf ears. More to the point...I don't care. I don't care if your alarm didn't go off. I don't care if you're having car problems. I don't care if you and your spouse are "going through it." I don't care. Even those who use their children, I can't because I have to take my child to the hospital...still an excuse.

For all the elaborate, creative, and sometimes funny excuses people come up with, at the end of the day you either did or you didn't. I'm not saying we need to become a planet of uncaring, unsympathetic people, I just think we shouldn't demand it. Compassion is a gift, not an entitlement.

Now what if the person with the sick child's job was to deliver packages? He had a box to drop off across town to an office building. What if that box's contents were vital to the employment and livelihood of its recipient? Then what? That box never makes it and someone loses there job and can no longer support their family. What about them? We all have responsibilities.

I understand that life throws you curve balls, but it's up to us as individuals to plan right and adapt to the problems life brings us. It's not my fault that you bought a crappy car, or live in a high traffic area, or married the wrong person. Take some personal responsibility for the decisions, actions, and moves you make. Stop making the world carry the burden for your bad decisions.

I know I have some unpopular views but just think about this...for the parent that dismissed all responsibilities to take their child to the hospital...if your child needed to have open heart surgery, and the doctor to perform it didn't show up, would you accept their excuse? Their car broke down...they were stuck in traffic...they overslept..?

Would YOU care why? Would their "explanation" matter to you...or would it just be an excuse?

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