Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Back In The Day...

I can remember being a little kid and following my older brothers around. Wanting to do whatever they were doing or go where they were going. Life was broken down to "before or after school", and a year consisted of school, summer vacation, and my birthday.

Thinking back I can remember all of my closest friendships began with a fight over tether ball, and usually ended the same way. (Until lunch)

When did life become so complicated?

When did we all develop disorders and diseases? If you were bouncing around and couldn't sit still you were "hyper", now you have ADD. If your friend didn't want to be your friend anymore and you were sad, then you patched it up and were happy, that was just you're bipolar. When did laziness become depression? I just don't understand.

I remember days when I would be feeling kind of blah, then found out it was chocolate milk Thursday and the world became a beautiful they would say I had a chemical imbalance.

Now I understand that the pharmaceutical business is a billion dollar industry and thrives off of these diagnosis, but c'mon. This "business" of crippling children with some sort of ailment is what leads to this feeling of helplessness in adults. Giving them an out for their attitude or behavior at 10, is why they won't stand up and be accountable at 30.

Now i'm not saying that none of these children had or have serious medical issues, but not all of them. It's ok for a kid to be sad sometimes, or angry, or excited. Learning to deal with these emotions as a child prepares us for life. Just like sedating them prepares for that kind of life as well.

Those tether ball battles taught me about standing up for myself as well as patience. I learned how to control myself, and focusing on kicking their butt in the game instead of swinging my fists.

I hate to think about who I would be if I was drugged up and not allowed to grow into who I am. Before this "drug them up" campaign, this country produced some pretty good people. Flawed yes, a little scarred, sure, but capable and adjusted.

I can't count all of the times throughout my childhood that I was imbalanced, or over active, but I grew up and out of it. Though I do still get a little excited for a glass of chocolate milk.

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