Sunday, June 6, 2010


Now I usually try to limit my tangents to more general, universal topics, but I feel I need to address something that recently happened. I was in a nightclub when two female friends of mine decided to go to the patio area outside for some air. As they crossed the dance floor one of them was grabbed by a man dancing alone. She said, "no thank you" and tried to pull away from him. He grabbed her tighter and she responded by screaming,"no!" She pushed him away, he responded by pushing her back.

(Quick debriefing; she 5'6 120, him 6'3 215) I was alerted of the situation, being the only male in the group, and was met with apologies and a humble demeanor. He didn't want any trouble. His friends arrived when I did, intoxicated, but all pretty calm. Trying to find out what happened, we headed outside. While exiting one of his friends made a rude comment about her. She responded with a few choice words of her own, enraging "Mr. Grabby". He then proceeded to through a drink at her (in true Dynasty fashion), and then followed up by challenging HER to a fight.

I don't mean an argument, I mean a full on, shirt off, hands in the air, let's go, fight. Really?

I understand that the male ego can be a sensitive piece of work, but really? Now i'll give you that she should have stopped talking as they were leaving. Running her mouth didn't resolve anything. Even that she was a little over zealous by pushing him. I'll even go as far as to say that she was definitely advertising with the outfit she had on...but really? Calling out a woman to fight like he was Mr.T and she was Rocky.

I'll be the first to say that there has been a significant decline in the quality of men this world is producing, but even I didn't think we had come to this. What sticks with me is, none of the other "gentlemen" with him saw anything wrong with this. She was wrong. He was just standing up for himself...really?

Long after the ladies had returned inside he was still standing out front in his "wife beater" no pun intended, calling her out. I found myself just shaking my head and walking back inside. Is this what we have become? I wonder what this man has seen in his life to believe that this behavior is ok? What is he teaching and showing others?

This guy was about 30, a grown man, maybe even a father. I just hope that, one lapse in judgement is all this was. I hope he calmed down and was able to see how differently this should have been handled. I would even like to blame it on the alcohol and think that he's normally a pretty cool guy, responsible, respectful. I hope he is...but do I think so? Not really.

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