Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Cold Cup of Coffee: Alicia Keys

This is a special edition of A Moment With Morris. This is part of an ongoing series I affectionately titled "A Cold Cup of Coffee". Bringing you real life without the sweeteners, a cold and sometimes bitter, but always necessary sip of reality. This time we're looking at, Miss Alicia Keys.

First and foremost I have to give the nod to James Hannah for originally bringing this to my attention. Now we're all familiar with Grammy Award winner Alicia Keys; poet, accomplished pianist, actress and singer. But there is a side to her recently brought to light that completely took me by surprise.

The BET (Black Entertainment Television) awards aired last week, all in all a good show. The part that rubbed me the wrong way was, who was sitting in the front row. Pregnant Alicia Keys and her new boyfriend hip hop producer Swizz Beatz, all hugged up playing kissy face. Now it's not the PDA that has me irritated, it's the fact that Swizz Beatz has a wife and child at home. I'll wait...

That's right, Mr. Beatz is a family man.

Apparently two years ago the two met and began working together. A certain degree of flirting was happening, so much that Swizz's wife (Mashonda) confronted Alicia and told her to leave her husband alone. Obviously she didn't listen. Now Swizz has left his wife and is having a baby with Alicia. They're even talking marriage.

If Swizz and his wife had differences and it ended in divorce, I wouldn't care. It's the fact that he cheated, abandoned his family, and is parading his mistress around on national television. Perfect, so when his son asks, "why isn't Daddy here?" his mom can just point at the screen.

As for Miss Keys, how can you travel around the globe trying to inspire, empower and mentor young women when you're out hoeing. Sleeping with another woman's husband makes you far from a "Superwoman".

Swizz you're weak. I understand she's "Alicia Keys" but that's just b.s.

Alicia did a song called "Karma", let's all wait for that train. Pregnant by another woman's husband...that should be 2 maybe even 3 albums worth of pain coming your way. She's about to become the new Mary J. Blige. In case you forgot, this behavior is why rapper Eve dropped him.

It just pains me to see such "whorrible" behavior celebrated. That's it, I'm turning in my Alicia collection. You know they used to mark women like this with the letter "A"...isn't it ironic...don't you think.

I think this irritates me so much because I was such a fan. She was one of the few that made it without having to look like a hoochie in her own video. She stood apart. But no longer. I think we've all learned what this "woman's worth"...NOTHING!!!

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