Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Statue Of A Man

Men are funny. We develop at a rate unlike any creature on this planet. It's as if we go through several stages of maturity. In my discussions I find that some of you, (women) are unfamiliar with the breakdown and process of the adult male. Here is a quick tutorial for you to refer to as necessary.

Think of the development of a man, as if you were carving a statue. From birth to 18, is the creation of the material. Based upon proper or improper raising, a man can be made of solid marble...or silly putty. The lessons taught to him during adolescence, are what forms his character and being, his fortitude and tenacity.

A man's 20's are his "chiseling" period. This is where he is being formed, through hard, aggressive swings. Repeated blows coming from all directions are what bring about his creation, and as his 20's progress and after more and more swings you can see him take shape. This isn't a delicate process. If mistakes are made, (and usually are) the shape can be drastically changed. But if caught early enough, they can be corrected and compensated for. Throughout this decade, all of the old external layers are removed. What is left is a new form, though still made of the same stuff, it has been proven to stand the bombardment of life. No longer just a mass or lump, you can tell what you're looking at.

Which brings us to his 30's. Really until about 37. This is his "sanding" period. His form is apparent, but still rather rough around the edges. In this time of life, detail is taken. With slower more planned out moves, he smooths out the hard and sharp surfaces, leaving them cool and refined. This is where distinct lines can be seen and bold features exposed. This is a crucial period. Not enough time spent on detail can lead to a structurally unsound or rough exterior. Uncaught errors here, usually go unfixed. So every now and again you might have to bring back the hammer.

This leads us to his late 30's/40's, this is the "lacquer" period. When a man gets that durable finish. All of the chiseling and sanding are done. Put the tools away. This is the process of getting him weather ready. All sealed up and prepared for any change in conditions or enviornment. This is the stage when you know what he is, and what he's made of, now it's about making him built to last.

Leading us to 50 which is all about "polish". This is just about the shine. We're past change or alterations. It's about making what you've got look it's best. From that point on, dusting and low maintenance will be the rest of his existance.

As men age, our demands become less because we resist change. If everything stays as it was we will be content forever.

Ladies please remember, George Clooney wasn't "George Clooney" until he was 35. Before that he was on "The facts of life" and "Roseanne" with a mullet. From Will Smith to every James Bond, we don't hit our stride until at least 30, so try to bare with us. Now this in no way releases men from responsibility or accountability...just know that we do get better.

I understand this is a very loose interpretation of male developement, use it only as a guide.

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