Sunday, August 22, 2010

What's Your Number?

This has become an age of information, information on you, me, every one. We have pin numbers to access our voicemails and atm accounts. We give our telephone numbers to make purchases in stores. Our last four digits of our social security number have become our new last name. But above all else, a series of numbers that truly dictates our lives, are our credit score. This series of numerals governs where we live, what we drive, where we shop…everything.

Now it would only make sense then for us to apply a similar logic to the most important decision we can make…our significant other. We should all come with a relationship credit score. Like credit, when we’re young, we have a low score. Not because of bad decisions, but because of lack of experience. The older we get, the more relationship experience we gain. With bad, selfish, or irresponsible dating decisions…down goes our score.

This would help weed through the dating process. If a man or woman was a repeated cheater or dishonest mate, their score would show up on their report and we could save ourselves the wasted time of that pursuit. There are a lot of really good men and women out there who have a stunning 800 score, just waiting on a qualified mate. Once pre-approved, those dating circles would be free to explore possible love connections without the looming possibility of a derogatory applicant.

Many men and women are walking around thinking that they have better scores than they do. Wondering why they can’t find that good man, or end up with that special woman. If you have 3 kids with 3 different people, have had more one night stands than dollars in your savings account, or have ever prided yourself on the creative ways you have cheated…welcome to the 400 club.

However, if you have been faithful, honest, and always managed to give your all but still find yourself with questionable mates…then your score also has derogatory reports due to your lack of running proper checks. That’s right, accepting bad checks or approving faulty loans brings your number down as well. Be responsible.

Some of you out there are good on paper. You may have a ding or two on your report, but roll with a strong 680. You all need to be patient. Don’t settle for a 400 with a consigner. Keep doing what you’re doing, screen applicants, and find a comparable score that you can build with.

For you 400’s out there…be happy with what you get. No you don’t deserve better. This isn’t, “A Cold Cup Of Coffee” installment, but let’s keep it 100. Your lack of good decision making has put you where you are. No bailouts or relationship section 8’s. Stay in your lane until you prove that you can handle a mature, responsible, adult relationship. Bad decisions in your 20’s can make for difficulties in your 30’s, so be careful. 7 years can be a long time when we’re talking about love.

I know this will never be implemented, but why not. You need to be approved for a cell phone, but anyone can get married. I’m just saying.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if the next time you’re approached with “what’s your number?” You could simply smile and reply…

“Show me yours and I’ll show you mine.”

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