Monday, September 13, 2010

Daddy Dearest

This one is dedicated to the fathers out there…

This installment is inspired by recent events, my last trip to the mall. Not a place I frequent often and each time I go I remember why. The crowded walkways, aromas of miscellaneous fast foods, and destitute teenagers have put me off a bit to the whole “mall” experience. However, I do get the enjoyment of one of my favorite past times…people watching…and the mall never disappoints.

The people, the outfits, the behavior, that’s entertainment. Gazing upon this sea of inconsistency one particular trend caught my eye. The young ladies…I don’t mean young like 21, I mean young like 14. These girls were dressed as if the Bishop Don Magic Juan himself selected their outfits. Now I understand allowing your teenagers a certain degree of freedom, exposing them to life and the social consequences for their decisions. I get that. But at what point do we not step in? We were in Macy’s not Magic City.

Ladies, I know it’s hard out there, and where I’m from there is a high single parent percentage. Keeping track of your son or daughter is a full time job, that’s why it takes two. The fact is, mother’s do so much by way of nurturing and supporting so the child can have a solid base. But then it's the father's turn to take the baton.

If it’s a boy, it is the father’s responsibility to teach him how to be a man. To not only teach, but show him how to be respectful, strong, and a provider. If it’s a girl, it’s once again dad’s job to teach her about men. It’s his place to instill the importance of self respect, and what to look for in a man when she’s older. Showing her by example how a man is supposed to treat a woman.

Now I’ve addressed parenting before (See “Real Parents”) but this one is about a specific issue. I saw a lot of young girls in “advertising outfits”. They were on the hunt and interviewing for “daddies”. We all know “daddy”. The man that will enter her life and say all the things that her father didn’t. Without proper guidance and self esteem, “daddy” will have this girl’s head spinning. Having her do all sorts of nonsense trying to please him and fill this void of male love.

These little girls; 13, 14, 15 years old shopping to fill their “whoredrobe”. Gentlemen, a lot of you have dropped the ball. I understand that it’s easy for me to say from the sidelines not having children, but c’mon! Get involved in these girls lives. Here’s a little something to help clarify for those that need it:

Is it your job to raise her from BIRTH to 18? YES
Is it your job to show her the proper way women are to be treated? YES
If you can’t stand her mother, do you still have to be there for her? YES
If you never wanted children but she somehow slipped into the world, is she your responsibility? YES
If she grows up and dates a string of losers, has no feeling of self worth and wants to do porn, is that your fault? YES

Gentlemen let’s get this one under control. This is an easy fix, just be there. Talk to her, and prepare her for what this world is going to challenge her with. Get in her life at birth; because if she grows up with a father, she won’t go out looking for a “daddy”.

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