Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sigh's The Limit

Recently i've had the great and wonderful opportunity to meet some exciting new people. Focused, goal-orientated, determined, "dreamers". It's been such a breath of fresh air to engage in conversation with optimism, hope and belief.

So the question is, why? Why has this become such unfamiliar territory? Where did our dreams go?

Granted, some of these new found friends are younger than myself, but so what? I find myself questioning, when was the last time someone was excited to tell me good news? Not to talk about problems, worries or drama, just some good news.

Is this what we've become? Just a group of self-loathing, depressed and bitter people? Remember having just that one negative friend? Now the positive ones are the minorities. Who told us not to dream, and when did we decide to listen?

Life can be hard, unyielding and disappointing...but that's what makes it interesting...exciting. The challenges, the obstacles, the not knowing... Has my generation already become the angry old men and women of tomorrow?

I like to think that my time on this planet is full of infinite opportunities for me to do and be whatever I want. I try anything and everything that seems like it could be interesting. Now i've had more failures than successes, but each setback better prepared me for my next ambition.

These young go-getters inspire me. I truly hope they are not alone in their quests for happiness and success. May they lead the charge of determination for those that wake up and sigh, or hang their heads in doubt of what "could be".

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