Sunday, October 24, 2010

Can I Live?

I know so many people that have the same daily routine. It is so predictable that I can damn near set my watch to it. They wake up at the same time, go through the same morning regiment, then it’s off to work the same tedious job. This excitement is capped off with an hour or two of television watching, then it’s bed time…and repeat.

This to me isn’t living. It’s existing. I understand that we take jobs to handle our responsibilities. We have bills, families and obligations that we’re accountable for. I get that we don’t all have jobs we love, but at what point do we lose ourselves to the repetition? It’s like we fade away a little more each day, and with almost no resistance.

I visualize life, as being like our lungs. Most people are shallow breathers. They take in just enough oxygen to maintain and facilitate. Yes you can exist on a deflated balloon’s worth of air, but you can live on a blimp’s. Remember living? Remember how in our early 20’s we could go to college, work a job, study, and still squeeze in a kegger or two? Having body shots for breakfast? But once we get a little older, that drive to maximize our day…to live, diminishes. Instead of running on 4 hours of sleep, and going hard for the next 20, we’re in bed at 10 and our 8 hour job is kicking our behind.

A lot of us don’t live. We drive the same daily route, but couldn’t tell you about any of the stores, homes, or signs that we pass. We’re just going through the motions. When we only exist enough to maintain, and let go of our dreams and aspirations of life we shift into this state of just “being”. Without a passion, a reason, it’s easy to fall into a slump. Depression is at an all time high in this country, partially due to this “rat race” mentality we have. Suicide is also up, when you give your life no meaning, no value, it’s easier to walk away from.

It is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and I’ve heard so many stories as of late, about women that didn’t appreciate the lives they had until they almost lost them. Their views on work, family, love, all changed when faced with that reality. I’m not saying we all need to get a potentially life ending disease or situation to see the big picture, we just need a little perspective.

I know that everyday isn’t Mardi Gras, that because of the work we do, or the children we raise, a lot of the “fun” is gone. But that doesn’t mean we’re dead. Take a different route to work, speed for no reason, even just crank the radio up and belt out your best rendition of R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Just live.

I’m not saying that we should shrug off responsibility and party…I’m just saying, don’t be afraid to throw in a body shot or two…every now and then.

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