Monday, October 18, 2010

It's A Bird...It's A Plane...

“Why the world needs a Superman?” A quote taken from the movie about a visitor from another planet, who fell from the skies to Earth, landing in a small town in Kansas where he was raised among us becoming a hero for everyone. His quest and goal was to lead by example and be someone that humanity could not only look to for help, but as an idea to strive for. He wanted to not only protect, but to uplift. To be more than a man…but a Superman.

It would seem that the world truly does need this, a hero. More and more each day I turn on the television or listen to the radio to find, that we as a people are all but lost. This is now a time where chants and protests are held to release prisoners serving time for drug and weapons charges, because their music is good. We live in an era where drug dealers are now prominent businessmen, where gang ties equal dependability, and money is the trump card to all behavior.

I understand that no man is perfect. We are all flawed and capable of the worst. I just wish I didn’t see our faults and foibles, so celebrated. It seems that we are so removed from the basic concepts of honesty and integrity, that the easy road has become the only road.

Let me also say that there are some great people doing wonderful things on this planet, people that do represent ideas; ideas of justice, peace, equality and love. They are everything from school teachers to firefighters, doctors to executives. People that try to live their lives as examples, I recognize and applaud you. My concern is not with you, I only hope you do not get discouraged and quit. My concern lies with this concept that we overlook someone’s wrongs, because their money’s right.

If you’re a retired drug dealer and now worth a billion dollars, you’re not a hero. You sold poison to children, destroyed lives and contributed to a dissolving state of human existence. If you left the gang life and are now selling millions of records, you are not a hero. You committed crimes against innocent people and also contributed to this sad state of affairs. If you’re in the church and doing “wrong”, you are not a hero. If you hide behind your bible to exploit the church and faiths of your congregation for financial, physical, or social gain, there is a special place for you waiting. Even if you’re CEO of a billion dollar company, but got there by lying, cheating, stealing etc, not a hero either. Let’s get away from idolizing those with the most green. If within our society was a Superman, then money would be his kryptonite.

I myself am not perfect. I don’t believe that I am exempt from wrong doing. I just try to be better each day and represent something positive.

This isn’t a movie, there are no trains being out run, buildings being leapt over, or moving faster than a speeding bullet, but there are heroes. I just want us to take a closer look at the people that we allow to viewed as examples, and really evaluate why? If your hero is in prison for assault, being drug addicted or hoarding weapons that were built specifically for human annihilation, what does that say to you about our society?

I only say this because I fear the outcome of the path we are on. If we allow ourselves to place the wrong persona on a pedestal for too long, we may not be able to go back. We just might want to nip this in the bud now, before we’re all praying for a bright light to fall in Kansas.

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