Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pimps Up, Love Down

Where to begin? Well let’s get straight to it. I heard something recently that shocked me in a way that hasn’t happened in quite some time. I actually heard this phrase uttered out of this grown woman’s mouth. “I’m a bottom bitch for life. She can run around and play games but I keep it real, and hold it down.”

For those of you that are unfamiliar with a “bottom bitch” here is a quick tutorial. A bottom bitch is a pimp’s number one hoe, the one that he retains for himself, and leaves in charge to regulate and maintain his other prostitutes. I’ll wait… Yes this woman was bragging about being the number one, in a sea of miscellaneous women in her man’s life. She felt proud to know that no matter how many other women her man was sleeping with (and impregnating) she was his numero uno.

Now my beef is not with this guy. The fact that he convinced this woman to not only accept, but be happy with this concubine situation isn’t a knock to him. It’s speaks volumes to his character, but he’s being honest, truly keeping it real. He simply presented the option and she chose to deal with the situations and circumstances to be with him. This one is on her.

This pimp/hoe relationship is the new/old template for today’s relationships. It’s one based in dependency, exploitation, and honesty. A pimp is out to get what’s best for him at the expense of his hoe, all the while being honest about the situation to keep her loyal. He works under the guise and premise of caring about her and protecting her. By maintaining an honest relationship, even the most horrific experiences can be tolerated because there is no deception.

As of late, this decline in true fathers, (see “Daddy Dearest”) has left the door open to these predators. With no one teaching these women about their own self worth and value, a bottom bitch can be a great situation. She gets that feeling of importance, knowing that she has a place, a position. Above all else, regardless of however down she might get, she knows there is someone beneath her. Heaven forbid something ever happen to her man…a bottom bitch has responsibilities. She’s left to hold down the fort, to hold her man down.

Now all that sounds like a logical explanation, right? If you can personally relate to this situation, take a long hard look in the mirror, then at your palm…then SLAP YOURSELF!

A bottom bitch is not to be admired, respected and surely not an aspiration. Number one on a list of 15 or 20 may be great in some aspects of life, but not this one. Ladies get some self esteem. Pick up the needle on this broken record. You perpetuate this behavior by enduring it. Get yourself together. I know this begins with a lack of proper parenting, but if you’re grown you need to take responsibility for this.

The woman that I heard saying this crap was almost 30. Proud to be his “number one”. For any of you women out there on this same page, I don’t mean to burst your bubble, well maybe I do. Being a bottom bitch to a man is like getting an A in summer school! It’s nothing to brag about! Low expectation having...

I love women. You are the center of civilization, but what kind of civilization can exist, or will be created if its center lacks stability? Don't settle with being a "bottom" anything.

It’s not about being his “number one”…it’s about being his ONLY ONE.

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