Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year's Revolution

Every day is a new day, but now it’s a new year. It’s a new opportunity to start fresh, to reinvent ourselves, or to simply put it…change. We all know what a “new year” brings; flooded gyms, crumpled cigarette packs, tossed out bottles, all the things to help create a new and better “us”.

So what is it about January 1st that is so inspiring? Were we not the same person just 24hrs ago? Every year of my life that I can remember, the new year was supposed to bring about this whole new understanding to the masses. Yet I’ve seen the same from the same.

The people that were go-getters the previous year stayed the course, while the ones that weren’t...weren’t. The change to the calendar had no change on them. Personally, I love the idea that people want to take a position and make a choice to be better. It’s great to see all of the new early morning joggers, the flooded gym parking lots, and the shining faces of hope for the coming 365 days. But as great as it is to see this January passion, with April showers brings may…laziness.

Where o’ where has the ambition gone, o’ where o’ where can it be? It’s like all of the new found determination evaporates by Spring break. The early morning joggers have faded back to dog- walking retirees. Ashtrays are being scraped for that last butt as a toast to “Miller time” caps off an unproductive day.

Why? Why do we clutch to the belief that January 1st is going to save us from the demons of laziness, complacency, and bad habits of the previous year?

I say we scrap the whole concept of a New Year’s resolution. Instead of making this one day the catalyst to all of our horrible behavior, just change, because we want to, because we need to. By not putting a date on it, we’re more inclined to stick with it, instead of just waiting until the next 1-1-20-- to come around again and save us.

If you’re 30lbs overweight in August, why wait until January to get your jog on? If you’re 35 and sleeping on your mama’s couch in May, get your butt up now! If you weren’t raising your children, holding down a job, just being a REAL man/woman in December…what the hell are you toasting to?! Put that champagne down and pick up the classifieds, and when the countdown ends and the confetti is thrown…slap yourself! Happy New Year!!!

This comes from years and years of hearing the same clichés. “This is my year”. “Things are going to be different.” “This year we taking over!”

No you’re not. No it’s not.

Not if you base your success and plan on Dick Clark telling you the date. Yes it’s a new year, it’s a new day, it’s a new second, make the most of it. Not because a bottle of Cooks told you to, or because every network television station is saying so, but because you’re alive.

No more New Year’s resolutions. Get on the “I’m going to be a better me forever, starting today, because I’m alive” revolution.

And sorry Dick…the revolution won’t be televised.

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