Friday, January 28, 2011

Wishing On A Star

I wish I may, I wish I might…we’ve all wished before; whether it was when we were children wanting a new bike or a teen trying to upgrade to a car. Sometimes we wish for health, money or opportunities, all valid wants. But there is one wish I hear repeated that I just can’t seem to understand, women wishing to be men.

Now I don’t mean going from Tina to Tom, I mean women who no longer want to own their role as a woman, and act and behave as a man. I hear so often from women, “I’m like a guy”, ”I think like a man”, or my favorite, “I can have sex like a man”. First off…no you’re not and no you don’t. Most importantly, why would you want to?

Women have this misguided notion that the grass is greener on the male side. What this stems from is this anger and resentment that women have due to the sexual double-standard our society has placed. “If a woman sleeps around she’s a hoe, but if a man sleeps around he’s a player”.

So as retaliation, more and more women are getting on board with this campaign to break down that thinking by exhibiting what they see as “male behavior”. I understand that no one likes to be told what they can or really what they should or shouldn’t do, but you ladies are really picking the wrong battle. When I hear a woman say that she can have sex like a man, meaning she can have multiple partners with no real emotional connection, the thought that crosses my mind is “wow, your stock just dropped”.

I don’t think you women who feel this way realize just how much your value depreciates with that statement. Now I know it’s easy for me to say this being a man, but that’s all the more reason to listen. Yes, if you are promiscuous we will sleep with you, but we will not value you.

Normally I reserve blunt statements for “A Cold Cup Of Coffee”, but ladies you need to get this, because you’re really messing up right now. You don’t want to be us. Much like when we were kids and our parents told us to do our homework, but there were kids outside playing. Yes the kids outside playing got to have more fun then, but now they’re pumping gas somewhere. It’s about the big picture.

You want a man that respects you; he sees you as someone that makes him better. A man that will honor, love, protect, cherish and provide for you for the rest of his life…WE DON”T DO THAT FOR OTHER MEN!

Look, that double-standard is what gives you the pedestal. We appreciate you for being better than us in that respect. When you remove that and level the bar…well some of you women already know how that goes. No man wants to wife-up a woman that all the men in town “know” (in the biblical sense). We no longer hold you up, you’re one of us, and being eye-level to a man comes with its perks. Have you ever heard how men speak to each other? Is that really how you want to be seen and spoken to?

Ladies, you don’t want to be a man. In most cases we’re void of deep emotions and feelings. Imagine, the reasons why you love all of the songs, movies, actors, even colors that you do, being gone. The sensations you get…history. Now replace them with feelings of frustration, responsibility, insecurity, and discipline. That’s a man’s world. (I mean REAL MEN)

This is to help some of you understand, that we men realize it’s not fair, but it is necessary. Because as men, we love you for all of the things we are not. A world full of all man thinking humans would be horrible. So please keep that in mind before you decide to go off the reservation and do something dumb. Men see other men as irresponsible, immature, dirty pigs, with occasional tendencies to exhibit self destructive behaviors. And you women want to be on this side..?

Before the rest of you jump on board with this nonsense please reconsider, remember the BIG PICTURE.

Women being viewed and treated like men…

be careful what you wish for…

…you just might get it.

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