Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Musical Moment: PHILOS

Philos, short for philosopher is truly a unique mind and talent. Coming from Sacramento, CA, he brings a fresh and original style to the masses. With his signature sound and clever wordplay, he sets himself apart from the norm, and stands tall as a creative force, and not because he’s 6’5.

Guided by his love of music, he has embraced a wide array of genres. Whether it be pop, rock, blues or jazz, Philos has been able to universally connect, and crossover his appeal. This ability and talent led to him to catch the attention of Travis Barker (Blink 182), who welcomed him into his “Famous Stars & Straps” family. So impressed with Philos he featured him on his “Swear They Do” track. An incredible opportunity that opened the door, and allowed Philos to work with other great talents such as The Pack, Yung LA, and Paul Wall. By remaining focused, his path led him to his first project “The Comedown”, a compilation of hip hop artistry where he was featured on several tracks.

“Woman On My Mind” (the mixtape), a showcase of his versatile and unique skills, (released 2-18-2011) is his groundbreaking introduction to the New Year. It shows Philos at his best as he takes you into his mind…his world. From songs that make you move like “Brake Lights” featuring Lil B, to a smooth melodic “Body Wet”, you can’t help but get caught up in the intricate portrait he paints. Leaving you to do nothing but enjoy the ride track by track.

Driven by his creativity, mind, talent, there is no limit to what he can accomplish. A philosopher is someone who establishes the ideology of a movement…the Philos movement has just begun.

Get familiar with PHILOS

Download "Women On My Mind"

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Hey Now, You're An All Star!

It’s that time again…we’ve just finished this year’s NBA All Star weekend 2011 in Los Angeles. A star studded affair filled with movie stars, rock legends, and of course athletes; all coming out to witness the different contests, challenges, fun and festivities going on in Southern Cali.

And as we know, no celebrity function would be complete without…groupies. You knew they were coming. Women flocked to the City of Angels with one thought and goal…to get drafted. Like “American Idol” they swarmed the streets of LA wearing nothing but their ambition as they showcased their “goods” and tried to be the “one”.

Their sheer will and determination forged them through the wind and rain on their quest to star on next season’s “Basketball Wives”. Trying to upgrade their status from booty call to baby mama, there was no stone or trick unturned.

This whole scenario was funny to me, but what made me shake my head the most, were the men. Now I don’t mean the athletes, actors and whatnot, I mean the male groupies; the men that went to LA solely to chase after the women who were chasing after the stars. Men that had no connections, no money, and not even a place to sleep, made the journey to Los Angeles as if it were Mecca, relying on faith alone to see them through.

Just to be clear, male groupies are the social roaches of the food chain. I give women a pass to a degree, because they are hunting down the social alpha males of our society; rich, successful, prominent men. They may be taking hoe-ish short cuts to get there, but their destination is valid. As for the men…slap yourself!

How good can you possibly feel about yourself knowing that you’re best case scenario is picking up the discarded women of other men? And for the ones that feel like they have just as much to offer…really? Do you think these women care that you played semi-pro football or was first string in the D-league? No, they are looking for superficial status and serious income. Messing with your broke behind would get them kicked out of the Gold Diggers Society, they’d take away their shovels.

Speaking of questionable men, what kills me, are these “professional home boys”. You know them, they went to high school with someone who “made it”, and have been clinging to them ever since. They’re the ones who drive the car, wrangle up the girls, and if lucky, get sloppy seconds. You have nothing to hold your head high about, if your claim to fame is being anyone’s friend. You pick up his laundry, buy his condoms, and wait around to see what drunken mess you can swoop down on like low budget sexual predator.

Speaking of low budget, if you were one of the guys down there trying to faux-floss, you may be one of the worst offenders of all. Taking pictures in front of cars that aren’t yours, standing with women you don’t know in front of places you’ve never been inside just to upgrade your Facebook portfolio doesn’t make you a baller! It makes you pathetic. Slap yourself two times for being fake. Stay in your lane.

I get the appeal of All Star weekend, it’s an opportunity for fans to see celebrities and athletes in a way and environment that they usually wouldn’t. I also know that some of the people that go out are just true fans and want to be a part of the celebrations. But if you’re one of the ladies looking to get drafted or be a new “wife”, understand that you will never be taken seriously in that forum. Regardless of what you do or have accomplished you will only be seen as a party favor.

As for the guys, what’s wrong with you? I understand the need to try to impress and be seen; to be where the action is, even the simple fact of just going where the girls are, but you have to always remember that manhood isn’t negotiable. Pretending to be who/what you’re not, spending your rent money to floss for the weekend for people who don’t care about you anyway is not being a man. It’s childish, immature, and insecure behavior, and no real woman is going to want to be a part of that.

Men remember, these are the same women you see every day. If you’re not willing to go all out for them normally, why do it for a basketball game? If nothing else, be consistent.

Ladies, if you didn’t get picked up this season, fear not…baseball season is right around the corner. You’ve got another chance to squeeze into that tube sock dress, put on the lip gloss, work those heels, break out those shovels and strut! Spring training is in 2 months…pssst…and baseball players make more money.

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Friday, February 4, 2011

A Cold Cup Of Coffee: Hoes

This is a special edition of A Moment With Morris. This is part of an ongoing series I affectionately titled "A Cold Cup of Coffee". Bringing you real life without the sweeteners, a cold and sometimes bitter, but always necessary sip of reality. This time we're looking at,”Hoes”.

Oh you knew this was coming! Now let me first say that this isn’t a knock to those promiscuous folks out there. In fact, some of my best friends are hoes, male and female. I understand that I may lose a few after this though, but I feel this needs to be addressed. I’m not here to judge what grown men or women choose to do. If you’re of age, go on and do your thing, my issue is this denial and deceit.

Now I feel it’s necessary to clear up just exactly what we’re talking about. If you sleep with someone on the first date, that in itself doesn’t make you a hoe…but do it 25 times…you are displaying hoe like behavior. If you’re involved in more than one sexual relationship at a given time…no. In a given day…yes. Even cheating on your significant other doesn’t mean you’re a hoe, though definitely hoe-ish…but if your cheating on the one that you’re cheating on your significant other with…hell yes! Starting to make sense? Luda had it right, “You’re doing hoe activities, with hoe tendencies. Hoes are your friends, hoes are your enemies.”

Why hoes? Why now? Well, I overheard these women speaking poorly on NBA, NFL, and MLB players, saying that they’re all hoes and cheaters. Then one asked me as if to confirm her belief. True, many travelers of any profession do have a tendency to stray, but not all. But that wasn’t even my point. They went on to stress how men are unfaithful hoes and can’t stay loyal. I think what really rubbed me the wrong way was that I knew “their” history. Being the little antagonist I am, I had to engage them. My first point was that even though many of these men were cheating, most were not cheating with single women.

That’s right. Many of these ladies that these players cheat with are in relationships or at least sleeping with someone else themselves. Hoes of a feather.

They didn’t take kindly to that. (I think I struck a nerve) I then continued to point out that a free and single 22 year old sleeping with five people was less of a hoe than a 35 year old parent sleeping with three. There is a degree of leniency granted to youth and immaturity that is not given to age and experience. (Once again, another nerve)

They wanted to keep playing the gender card where I was keeping it level. Though society will judge the genders differently (see “Wishing On A Star”) I gave no pass to either sex. Hoes are not gender specific. I didn’t want to have the anthropological arguments (men are genetically inclined to cheat) or the psychological (women use sex to feel close and connected) so I fast forwarded to the end all guage, a hoe-rometer, if you will.

The diner is open and pouring all night. Come get a cup.

Ladies and gentlemen this is about to hurt some feelings and make a few of you question your lives and decisions. Have a seat and really marinate on this sip of reality. If you’ve ever questioned if you or someone you know/love is in fact truly a hoe, here’s the test.

If your number of sexual partners…exceeds your age…you are a hoe. I know some of you need to do some math real quick, don’t worry I’ll wait…

Now a few of you just got that queezy feeling in your stomach, and some of you just got angry. If you’re one of the ones that are mad, ask yourself why? What that ratio means is that you had 14,15,16, however many years old you were when you had sex for the first time as a numerical buffer. If you burned through 15 in 3 summers, then you probably “burned” a few people too. There are a whole lot of genitals out there with expired warranties, due to high mileage at a very young age. Some of you have to sit the bench and take yourselves out of the game for a decade or two just to get square with the house. Shoot some of you just to need to get married and retire.

Like I said, this isn’t a judgement, this is strictly for clarification. If you fall victim to this “new math” it just means you are no longer qualified to take the moral high ground when referring to someone else’s actions. (At this point the ladies had become silent) You might have expected me to take a different stance on this, but really I believe that everyone is free to be themselves, just know that it comes with consequences. Reputation possibly being one of those things. Like many, the high ground isn’t a path I can walk either. I too have some ratio issues. (I told you some of my best friends are hoes) Hoes of a feather. That being said, I do still consider myself a good and responsible person.

If you find yourself calling others out regularly for hoe-ish behavior, you might want to look at why you’re surrounded by all of these hoes. (Hoes are your friends, hoes are your enemies) As men and women we do need to be responsible with our lives and bodies. There are so many diseases, unplanned, and in some cases unwanted babies out there, we need to be careful. I’ll be the first to say that hoes have a very appreciated place in our society, just understand that the decisions we make in the dark do come to light.

I hope this helps to bring an end to all of the name calling and labelling from the promiscuous peanut gallery. Be who you are and claim the life "you" live.

I’m just saying that before we get to finger pointing and calling people out, we might want take that finger and do some tallying ourselves.

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