Friday, April 29, 2011

A Cold Cup Of Coffee: Manhood vs Bitchassness

This is a special edition of A Moment With Morris. This is part of an ongoing series I affectionately titled "A Cold Cup of Coffee". Bringing you real life without the sweeteners, a cold and sometimes bitter, but always necessary sip of reality. This time we're looking at, “Manhood vs Bitchassness” and it’s for the championship…cue Michael Buffer.

This moment is brought to you because of my disdain, yes disdain for the prevalent and rampant displays of bitchassness that plague the very fiber of our male youth. We are in a war gentlemen, and bitchassness has got us surrounded. Day after day I see the faces of our future; and it hurts. What happened to men? What happened to pride, self respect, accountability and masculinity? Our back is against the wall here. I drive past the future fathers of this planet and am left in aww as I see a complete lack of ambition, tightly wrapped in a pair of skinny jeans.

Bitchassness has manhood in a chokehold, waiting for the tap out. Grown men with multiple children, by multiple women, unable to keep 1 job. Really? So let me get this straight, you can’t find work…or a condom?

Men that feel they are entitled to respect, yet don’t have the slightest idea of their own duties and responsibilities. Respect is your compensation for pride, loyalty, and accountability. Why should anyone respect you, when you obviously don’t respect yourself? Not bettering the life of yourself and your loved ones doesn’t get you respected…it gets you ridiculed.

Stop complaining! Whining is not for men! As men we are the silent warriors. We do what we need to do, because it needs to be done. There is this movement amongst young men that throwing tantrums is an acceptable form of expression and communication. Crying and pouting when the world doesn’t go your way…really?

We are MEN! It is more than a title or a classification! Being a man means something, and it should mean something to you. We are in the midst of the bitchassness renaissance, it has our youth by the brain and the balls. There are boys wearing lip gloss, tight jeans and long hair looking like extras in a Boy George video.

The women’s movement gave ladies the feeling of empowerment and drive. It left them with the knowledge of their own worth and ability, it also gave them the ambition to do and be more. In this, a false way of thinking was born. No ladies, you can’t do it yourself! No woman can teach a boy how to be a man. You can give him values and teach him responsibility, but he needs a visual role model, with testicles. It’s great that women found that fire to succeed, the problem is, it was at the cost of male ambition.

I said it before, men rise to the level of what is necessary. By women striving to be more, men were required to do less. This in no way gives men a pass, but it does need to be addressed. Men, we have dropped the ball…and then just walked away. These women need us to be partners in the proper raising of the children we helped create. I mean WE as in all of us. Every man that is about something needs to be involved in this fight, if you’re a parent or not. We have got to take manhood back!

Bitchassness has taken over like a cancer. The youth needs direction. Men this is our Alamo…our Sparta! Raise your swords and shields and prepare to fight. Bitchassness is relentless, we need to be vigilant and steadfast in the rules and responsibilities of being a REAL man. These boys need to learn about education, hard work, perseverance, and determination. They need to see that for every Carmelo…there’s a custodian. It’s not about being “Hollywood”, it’s about being “whole”.

Women have become the new male role model. It is why they are so much more emotional and share female views and tendencies…but they’re not women. They are young men and need the proper input and guidance. Gentlemen don’t take this lightly, this is war, one we can’t afford to lose.

I say to you Bitchassness…

Let’s get ready to rumble!!!

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Got To Have Faith

On this day in the year 2011 people from all over the world, representing nearly every walk of life are exercising their faiths. Yes, they truly believe in and support their ideologies nearly to the point of obsession. Some will cheer, some will shout, tears will fall and prayers will be made on this glorious Sunday. Today, millions of people will pack into various buildings across the globe to recognize, support and express their feelings and emotions…their faith.

That’s right, as if planned by Obama himself, today is all about hope and faith. What an amazing concept. To see people of all ages, races, colors coming together in support of a common idea, is a miracle within itself.

We are all raised within our respective regions, influenced by our families, friends, and community. As we grow up, we begin to make choices for ourselves that we’ll carry for the rest of our lives. Sometimes we stay in tune with our families, but often we separate and form our own views and opinions. I can honestly say that I share some of the same beliefs as my father, but my mother and I are on different sides of the fence. Even my siblings and I can’t seem to see eye to eye…and that’s okay.

We are all free to be ourselves, to believe in who and what we choose. That’s the wonderful thing about faith; we all have access to it. It doesn’t judge, ridicule or discriminate.

I have formed friendships over our shared beliefs and almost lost a few over our differences. Lines can be drawn in the sand, feelings can be hurt and arguments can and usually do arise. We need to be tolerant; to look at our fellow man or woman, and see that we’re all human. We may not share the same beliefs, but we all have our right to them. We should respect each other’s views and embrace the fact that we have differences. That’s what opens up dialogue and leads to teaching, learning and understanding. So today as we exercise our faiths in our own ways please remember that today is about our own victory...not another’s loss.

Be kind to each other and let the day be about its true meaning…it’s the NBA PLAYOFFS!!!

Kobe and the Lakeshow looking to 3 peat! Everyone have a Happy Easter…and as always…

Go Lakers!!!

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

R.I.P Sacramento Kings

This is a personal "moment"...

If nothing short of a divine intervention happens, tonight will mark the final game of the Sacramento Kings. I was born here in Sac, and it has been a great experience having an NBA team here at home. Though I have always been a Lakers fan, (I didn't convert when they arrived) I've appreciated what the Kings have done for my city.

I can say that I've had the privilege to have met and befriended some pretty great people that have worked and played for the organization. To all of them and those I never knew, you have my greatest appreciation for the life, energy, and economy the Kings have brought Sacramento.

I know the business side of why they're leaving; an inability to get a new arena in a struggling economic city has all but forced the Maloof's hand. I just find it funny. A franchise that has built its identity on doing what no one said they could, and believing when everyone else had written them off is now just throwing in the towel.

Recently former players have been campaigning, even willing to use their own money to try to keep the Kings in Sacramento, all while the Maloof's search for new Southern California property. (Anaheim) Showing the cold reality of finance over fans.

I'll miss having a team here at home; the games to go to, after parties and what not...and of course it being the cheapest way to see the Lakers, and I hope the Maloof's realize what they're losing; A city that stood behind their team. Sell out game after sell out game, regardless of their record. I know the players will be alright, and the Maloof's will make their money, my feelings are for those fans that are left holding the jerseys of a non-existing team. The Anaheim Royals will take the court as of next season.

Tonight the Lakers play the Kings for the last time. The Lakers need to win to secure the second seed in the play-offs. So they will come out guns-a-blazin'. I'm sure the arena will be filled with saddened Kings fans as well as cheering Lakers followers, as Kobe and the boys dismantle the house the Maloof's built, all the way to the final buzzer.

Good bye Sacramento Kings...

I say good luck Maloof's...really, good luck! You will be the third string team in your new market...great job.


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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Check 1-2, 1-2

This moment was brought to you by the letter C and the number 97…last week, hip hop took a “blow”…wait, that was “below the belt”…how about this…hip hop was caught with its “pants down”, when Hot 97 DJ and hip hop producer Mr Cee was arrested for public lewdness after he was found receiving oral sex from a 20 year old male prostitute.

Mr Cee whose real name is Calvin Labrun, is most known for producing on the late great Notorious B.I.G’s first album Ready To Die. The 44 year old Mr Cee also known as “The Finisher”…come on now…pleaded not guilty. This however was not Mr Cee’s first rodeo. Just last year he was busted twice for loitering with the intent to solicit for prostitution.

Now let me first say, that no one is making an issue out of him soliciting prostitutes. There is a reason why it’s the oldest living profession, the issue is that it was a man. Hip hop, a culture that has been known to glorify violence, gangs, drugs, the degradation of women and basically support all forms of irresponsible behavior has drawn a hard line in the sand on this. Really? Killing old ladies in a drive by shooting, not raising the children you helped bring into the world, selling dope to school kids all can get a shrugged shoulder, but the line is drawn at homosexuality? Word?

As an African American, Black man, I find this so disturbing. If we’re going to over look urinating on an under aged girl, not paying child support since the Clinton administration, and bragging about how we have hoes in different area codes how is this what stops the train in its tracks? As a culture we sweep so much under the rug. Chris Brown beat Rihanna like there was candy inside of her, and he currently has the #1 album out. Rick James went to prison for assaulting and kidnapping a woman with his girlfriend and he died a hero. T.I., Lil Wayne, Lil Kim, 2Pac, Da Brat, Flavor Flav, Eminem etc, hip hop has had a long standing link to arrests and crime but with no lasting penalty. In fact, most became more successful. We’ve been holding up Bobby Brown like he invented the light bulb!

So why homosexuality? There has always been an issue with the acceptance of gay men, especially Black gay men. To the point where a sub-culture was created, the “down low” brother. The man that lives a superficially heterosexual life (girlfriend, wife, children) but secretly has homosexual relationships. If asked, these men take offense to being labeled as gay. C’mon Son!

But let’s be real, hip hop is a predominantly Black culture, though the consumers are diverse, most of the artists are African American. Black people make up nearly 13% of the nation’s population. While close to 15% of the nation’s population is homosexual, so it would only stand to reason that Mr Cee doesn’t stand alone in his behavior. Many hip hop artists have had rumors and run- ins of the gay kind; Queen Latifah, Angie Martinez, Diddy, Usher, Will Smith to Waka Flocka have all had “stories” circulate about their late night activities. In the end…who cares? We are such a hypocritical society; We let Michael slide, repeatedly, gave Kobe a pass, props to Tiger and keeping it 100… we’ve been looking the other way on Eddie for quite some time now…

If hip hop is truly the CNN of the streets then let’s get back to what’s real and what matters. Where is all the equality Public Enemy and BDP were demanding? Tolerance isn’t just about race, it’s about being viewed and treated as an equal. And that means EVERYONE. In the great words of Dead Prez, “It’s bigger than hip hop”. So let's get passed this hip hop homophobia?

With the state of the world now, we could really use “The Message” instead of worrying about Mr Cee getting a “Mic Check” with “No Hands”.

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Friday, April 1, 2011

A Musical Moment: The Faction Vol 1

This Musical Moment is brought to you by a group of talented INDEPENDENT artists. All hailing from different parts of the nation, these artists came together on a compilation that showcases their differences while bonding them by their talents.

The Faction Vol 1, brings to you the many faces of hip hop. It takes artists from the East, West, Mid-West, and down South and colorfully blends their sounds. (With the help of Da' Hitman of Swurvradio) For any fan of hip hop, and I mean all hip hop; mainstream, conscious, club, & street, this will be a great listen.

Delivering such a wide range of approaches to hip hop expression, there is definitely something for everyone. Each artist shows their versatilty as they give different examples of their unique styles. With multiple tracks by each artist you will be hard pressed to narrow down a "favorite".

Mihkil (West Coast) jumps off with an energetic intro getting you ready for the ride. Stal, (West Coast) brings you something for the club with "Jamaican Girl" and follows up with another one for the ladies with "U' featuring Bobby Valentino. As Aristotle (NY/CA) keeps you dancing on "Lose It" he then shifts gears for the ladies with "Phone Sex".

Not all the tracks are for the club or about love; Mike Gutta (Dirty South) laces a gritty track with some with tales of the street on "Prices On They Head" and spits just as real on "Mis-Mentioned" two tracks that will definetly have you nodding your head. Infamous Kaboo (West Coast) reps the BAY AREA and lyrically paints a picture of the life of a hustler on "Money & Chop" he stays in time and turns it up a notch on "Godzilla & King Kong".

Miss Marianna (West Coast) goes in on "Flippin & Foldin" showing that she can hold her own as the only female emcee on the project. Her verse on "We Rollin'" solidifies her ability to drop a hot 16. She passess the mic to B McCoy (Chitown) who delivers his intricate verse in flawless fashion. B McCoy also brought "Gone Now" & "Cold As Blue" to the table, and the track is closed out by Gengis Khan (West Coast) who does not disappoint. GK rips the track like a seasoned vet. He also dropped "Long Time" and one of the truest tracks "Lay Me Down". Young emcees, get your pad and pencils and take notes.

Philos (West Coast) brings his own flavor with "Check" & "YO" he continued to bring the heat with fellow Cali rapper Young L of The Pack, on "Outer Space". His unique delivery will have you wanting to hear more. Chi City (Chitown) brings Chi-Town swag on "Go Getta" and gives you something to bounce to on "What It Is".

Collectively this roster has worked with some of the industry's greatest including; Lil Jon, Lauryn Hill, Bobby Valentino, E-40, Travis Barker, Paul Wall, Yung LA, Lil B, Twista, Chaka Khan, Pitbull, David Banner, Donell Jones, Too Short, The-Dream and Eminem. To call them experienced would be an understatement, so don't be fooled by the INDEPENDENT label.

All in all this is a collection of diversity, showing how hip hop has evolved and is bigger than just one topic or sound. The Faction; is branching out from the typical one lane mixtape and is doing something different. You may or may not feel every track based on your preferences, but it it is well worth the listen.

Get familiar with; STAL aka Stallion, Gengis Khan, PHILOS, Miss Marianna, B McCoy, Aristotle, Chi City, Mike Gutta, Infamous Kaboo, Mihkil and Da' Hitman.

DOWNLOAD The Faction Vol 1 Now!!!

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