Wednesday, April 13, 2011

R.I.P Sacramento Kings

This is a personal "moment"...

If nothing short of a divine intervention happens, tonight will mark the final game of the Sacramento Kings. I was born here in Sac, and it has been a great experience having an NBA team here at home. Though I have always been a Lakers fan, (I didn't convert when they arrived) I've appreciated what the Kings have done for my city.

I can say that I've had the privilege to have met and befriended some pretty great people that have worked and played for the organization. To all of them and those I never knew, you have my greatest appreciation for the life, energy, and economy the Kings have brought Sacramento.

I know the business side of why they're leaving; an inability to get a new arena in a struggling economic city has all but forced the Maloof's hand. I just find it funny. A franchise that has built its identity on doing what no one said they could, and believing when everyone else had written them off is now just throwing in the towel.

Recently former players have been campaigning, even willing to use their own money to try to keep the Kings in Sacramento, all while the Maloof's search for new Southern California property. (Anaheim) Showing the cold reality of finance over fans.

I'll miss having a team here at home; the games to go to, after parties and what not...and of course it being the cheapest way to see the Lakers, and I hope the Maloof's realize what they're losing; A city that stood behind their team. Sell out game after sell out game, regardless of their record. I know the players will be alright, and the Maloof's will make their money, my feelings are for those fans that are left holding the jerseys of a non-existing team. The Anaheim Royals will take the court as of next season.

Tonight the Lakers play the Kings for the last time. The Lakers need to win to secure the second seed in the play-offs. So they will come out guns-a-blazin'. I'm sure the arena will be filled with saddened Kings fans as well as cheering Lakers followers, as Kobe and the boys dismantle the house the Maloof's built, all the way to the final buzzer.

Good bye Sacramento Kings...

I say good luck Maloof's...really, good luck! You will be the third string team in your new market...great job.


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