Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just Sit Right Back...

(To The Tune Of "Gilligan's Island")

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,
a tale of a faithful trip.
It ended with a walk of shame,
but began with a little sip.
The two were at the nightclub,
on that very special day,
they didn’t know one another,
not even each other’s name.

They met out on the dance floor,
bump and grinding to the beat.
He grabbed her hand to take her,
for conversation and a seat...

Soon the grinding starting getting rough,
his hands on her were lost.
If not for the bouncer in the club,
her dress was coming off,
her dress was coming off…

They went to his apartment,
more drinks and stumbling sex.
They didn’t use protection,
I think you know what’s coming next.
She snuck out in the morning,
walking past his smiling friend,
she drove home to take a shower,
this not how the story ends.

From this unprotected evening,
she was sick in the a.m.
Found out that she was pregnant,
and went to contact him.
He played dumb and he cursed her,
said the baby wasn’t his.
Even went as far to tell her,
“his little guys could not swim"
"little guys could not swim..."

She stormed out and she left him,
he thought that they were done.
Until the day he found out,
he had a new born son.
Weeks of arguments and testing,
they had their day in court.
Now he’s a father and he’s ordered,
to pay her child support.

Two strangers are now a family,
filled with resentment and drama…
Another story of how no protection,
can create a baby mama…

I know this may seem funny,
but protection is the plan,
even lost out on that island...

no one knocked up Mary Ann.

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