Friday, August 5, 2011

A Different World

“Both optimists and pessimists contribute to our society. The optimist invents the airplane and the pessimist the parachute.” – Gil Stern

The Earth has been around for millions of years; its tendencies have been the same, existing within a cycle of biological checks and balances. It continues to regulate itself through climate and with the creatures that inhabit it. In other words, the planet is a constant…then why do we all live in such different worlds?

“Our” world is the one that we create and exist in for ourselves. How we approach and view the world is entirely up to us. Some people choose to see every day as an opportunity to be better than they were yesterday, while others see it as the next 24 hours of a lifetime sentence. In any event, we can have drastically different experiences to the same thing based solely on our outlook.

Now some think that money (with or without it) is the determining factor in how our world spins, deep down we know that’s not true. There are those with insane amounts of money that are miserable just as there are those with meager monies that are enriched, enlightened, and happy. Money doesn’t make the world go ‘round, it only dictates our mode of transportation on it. The scenery however…is the same.

Even our opportunities and “luck” is within our power. Ever notice how lucky people don’t stress? How happy people are seldom sick or how negative people are hurt or sick all of the time? We choose how we feel. We choose the world we live in. We may not have been born in the best location on the Earth or even into a horrific situation, but from every place of darkness someone has risen and shined…why not you…why not us? What was in them that was not in another? Thinking “happy” thoughts won’t do it alone. It does however start the thought process of putting us on the path to the better outcome. Once we remove the idea of “woe is me” we shift into a clearer state of thinking, and that allows us to make the better decisions. Remember, “The darkest hour is only 60 minutes.” You have to believe that you’ve got at least 61 minutes of fight in you to get to that focused state.

“Pessimism never won a battle.” Our need to make our world better has to come with the belief that we can. We need to accept control over our lives, our feelings, actions, behaviors…our world. If you think the mountain is too high, then it is. I’ve never heard of a marathon runner hitting that last 5 miles and making it through by saying “I can’t do this”. Get up! Shake the cob webs of self doubt and fear! Where is the gain in putting down yourself and circumstances? I would rather believe in myself to the fullest and fail gung ho style like “Thelma & Louise” over the cliff than whimper and limp to mediocrity or even victory. My world needs my belief and conviction, it can't exist in the space of blind hope or “why me?” thinking.

“The optimist already sees the scar over the wound; the pessimist still sees the wound underneath the scar.” I say remember the wound by the scar and try not to add more. Accept, learn and keep it moving.

This moment is directed at those that may not know the power that they wield. We can change our circumstance right this second. The way we think is what directs and guides us, change the way we think and we change where we’re going. It’s not about faith, or hoping or wishing; this is about understanding and assessing the ideas and thoughts we have. We need to know that we can take charge of the world we live in, and make the decisions necessary to be better instead of conceding to bad times and negative thinking.

“The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.” We can start by simply looking at what’s real as opposed to what we feel. From there we can base our next move on where we want to be instead of getting hung up on how we got there. Let go of the need to focus on what brings you down and redirect that energy into lifting up. We need to value what we do have and who we really are…

…and If you’re still hung up on your glass being half empty…pour your drink into a smaller glass.

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