Monday, November 7, 2011

Give Me 10: The Top 10 Reasons Why WE DON'T BELIEVE YOU!

Give me 10: 10 reasons, examples or indicators of a certain behavior. Take the time to use the checklist…you may need to check yourself. Today‘s list: The top 10 reasons why WE DON’T BELIEVE YOU!

10# Because your NEW car is ALWAYS, “in the shop”.

9# We can’t confirm it’s your elbow in the picture with Lil Wayne.

8# You say you’re single but your Facebook relationship status says “It’s Complicated”.

7# You say you “never do this” yet we know 5 people who beg to differ.

6# You’re always, “just about to call us”.

5# You don’t keep it real.

4# Working out doesn’t make you go from a B to a D cup.

3# You’re not “Hater” worthy.

2# You’ve been fired from every job as part of a conspiracy headed by “THE MAN”.

…and the 1# reason why we don’t believe you…

You don’t make tips like that at the Sizzler.

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