Monday, January 23, 2012

The Best Thing In Life...

We’ve all heard sayings like, “It’s the journey not the destination” or “life isn’t a race it’s a marathon”, more and more I’ve found this to be true.

It’s so easy to become focused on doing something for the sake of its completion and forgetting about taking the time to be in the moment of what it is we’re actually doing. As humans we’re creatures of habit and can fall into a pattern of tunnel vision based repetition. We go through the motions so often that we don’t even realize it until a calendar day bench mark. “It’s been 5 years already!”

I started to catch on to the importance of “being in the moment” some time ago but I have recently began to appreciate the whole “doing it just to do it” philosophy. As children we’ll do anything that seems fun, interesting or even dangerous for no other reason than it’s there. Growing older for some reason puts this stipulation on everything that there has to be some ultimate goal. Think about it, when was the last time you climbed a tree, sketched something with no artistic skill or just started running with no purpose? We think ourselves out of that joyous spirit. Taking it a step further we even mock and judge adults that still have theirs. Why? When did life become all about the final equation? When did death become so desirable that we choose focusing on where we are when it happens over just living life?

To be alive is amazing! Do you know that the life span of a human being is one of the most phenomenal feats that exist in the universe? Why? Because in one lifetime EVERYTHING is possible. Not some things or some stuff…EVERYTHING!

There was a time when Man wanted to swim and breathe under water like fish. To many this was impossible and could never happen. Crazy as it was and sounded the day before, within 24hrs we had the first Self Contained Under-Water Breathing Apparatus. Now we can SCUBA dive any day of the week and don’t give it a second thought. The idea of talking into a piece of plastic and communicating with someone thousands of miles away was once just an idea on Star Trek, now 9 year olds have cell phones. From bending tons of steel and making a craft that can fly people over the ocean to cloning genes and recreating life, it all changed in a day. Just because it’s not here today says nothing about tomorrow. EVERYTHING is possible. Knowing that, why not be excited about every day?

Maybe today doesn’t bring a new kind of energy or shoes that allow us to fly. It doesn’t mean today is any less great. Everything we do gives birth to a billion possibilities. So the shoes that don’t exist tomorrow may be here in 20 years created by the first step we put into motion today. Everything matters. That waiter you complained about at lunch yesterday may get fired because of it, leading him to pursue his true calling which is music. You’ve already forgotten about him but he may go on to write the song that is played as the first dance at your daughter’s wedding. EVERYTHING is possible.

Life has to be taken in fully, not as an A to B to C situation. This is not designed to take away from being driven. It is great to be ambitious and focused. I get having goals. I understand setting bench marks and wanting to push ourselves. It’s an amazing feeling to sit back and marvel in our own accomplishments, the important part is to give just as much value to the other days of our lives. Celebrating and acknowledging the ones we see as wins and especially the ones we deem as “losses”.

It’s important to be aware of how we judge our days. No day alive is a failure. We may not have reached our original goal but that doesn’t negate the experience or the life lived. I learned a lot and had some great experiences in college, but by definition I failed because I didn’t get a degree. I’ve dated and loved some pretty amazing women, but since I’m not married by definition I’ve failed at every relationship I’ve been in. From jobs I have worked at to the friends that I no longer speak to, I’ve failed more times than I can count…and I wouldn’t change any of it. All of it is my life and what has contributed to making me.

This moment is designed to appreciate moments, big and small. Enjoy your life you only get one.

“The best thing in life.” -Ice Cube

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