Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's A New Year But Is It The Old You?

Happy New Year! Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way…You may remember my post from last January (New Year’s Revolution) I don’t do the whole resolution thing. I simply make the same assessments and adjustments that I do throughout the entire year. Why wait until January to give 100% or only exert 80% of your energy in December?

One thing I have noticed so far this 2012 is the onset of a movement of responsibility. There are a lot of men stepping up and claiming that this is the time to reclaim manhood. This is the year to be better to our women and fathers to our children. 2 things, first, what have you been waiting for? Was there a notice placed on your door at 12:01a.m. January 1st stating that you had to finally use your testicles or lose them? I mean really, was there a meeting at the Bitchassness head quarters where everyone suddenly decided to resign? If you are over 30 yrs old and NOW you’re deciding to be a man quietly walk into the basement, dip your hand in syrup roll it around in loose gravel…THEN SLAP YOURSELF!

Second, is this new found movement simply another resolution that will never come to fruition? Will this campaign dissolve like the will to lose weight? Will we be back at Baskin Robbins and calling women bitches by March? Domestic violence and a drumstick please…

This is not to deflate the concept of being better men. We need to be. Honestly we dropped the ball sometime ago. Young men now are growing up undisciplined with no solid blueprint of proper male behavior. They don’t know how to respectably or properly approach or communicate with women. Their work ethic is horrible, filled with these soft feelings of entitlement. They care so little about what they represent. They are the face of their family; what they do, how they dress and how they act is a direct reflection of not only themselves but how they were raised. We have been losing this fight for a while. That being said I’m no quitter.

Resolution or not I’ll stand by my fellow man as we continue to battle this plague of Bitchassness and irresponsibility. Gentlemen let’s not start this year off just talking about what we’re going to do. If you haven’t seen your children lately respectably call their mother and do it. (Ladies if he’s trying please get out of your own way and let him.) Men, if you haven’t had a job since Bush was in office get off your behind and get one! If you are unemployed NO job is beneath you. You can’t use the excuse of pride as your reason for not flipping burgers. (No man with pride would allow himself to stay unemployed and burden someone else.) We also have to remember to lead by example. These neighborhood kids may not be ours but they watch what we do and hear what we say. Clean it up a little.

2012 is here. If this is what you’ve been waiting for get on it! We are implementing a zero tolerance policy for Bitchassness! We will be calling you out, pointing fingers and naming names…get your ish together!
It’s a new year but more importantly a new day, let’s make the rest of our lives the best of our lives.

I’ll check back in July, if you’ve been good maybe you can have some ice cream.

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