Sunday, April 15, 2012

Who's Thirsty!?!

Picture this: It’s 3pm, the sun is high and it’s a blazing 112 degrees in the middle of the Mojave desert. You see someone stumbling down the side of a sand dune draped in a 40 pound all black cloak. With eyes glazed, lips dry and chapped and a clear look of desperation they gaze upon…a Slurpee! Now at that moment they are ready to beg, steal, borrow and even kill for a drink…ladies and gentlemen…this is “thirsty”.

But you already knew that, what you may not have known is that “thirsty” individuals are everywhere and I’m not just talking about being dehydrated. Thirsty, is a term used for someone that is desperate, eager or trying way to hard. You know the type; the guy that stalks a woman at the nightclub much similar to a hyena after a lame gazelle. You’ve seen him; drooling, glossy eyed and working that syncopated pant and pelvic thrust. Or maybe it’s the woman at your job that pursues her co-worker like he owes her child support. She greets him as he walks in the door, brings him baked goods, offers to do his work for him and always seems to work her itinerary into the conversation to let him know she’s free. Yes there are a lot of parched folks out there…or are they?

We have become such an ego based society that the mere idea of looking desperate or in some cases even interested is frowned upon. The thought of making our intentions known and potentially being left twisting in the wind is terrifying at best to some. When did we become so scared? And to take it a step further, we ridicule those not afraid. Oh we can’t wait to blast the guy who lays it all out and gets rejected. You can hear the shouts of “Aww!” “Damn!” And “Ohhhhh!” from across the room like a boxing match is on. We celebrate the execution of their romantic advances like a gladiator fight! But why are the ones unafraid to be emotionally honest in the wrong?

In a society so riddled with single, lonely and unhappy people why is it so bad to try? I’m not saying to be a fool for love or to put obsessive, unwarranted advances of psychotic stalking on someone. Also don't be someone's door mat or allow yourself to be taken advantage of, but it is okay to be direct...not Honestly more relationships would happen and work out if they began with a clear understanding. Not just “hanging out” and having sex until we’re “technically” together. Clearly stating interest and intentions gets everyone on the same page.

It’s hard out there, I know, but we can’t win if we’re not in the game. We can’t be hung up on how embarrassing it is to strike out we have to remember how amazing it is to hit the home run! That feeling of trekking through the desert can seem unbearable it’s the pure bliss that comes from that first sip of the Slurpee that makes it all worth it. So in the great words of “The Most Interesting Man In The World”, “stay thirsty my friends.”

Because I’d rather run the risk of appearing thirsty to be happy…then to be refreshingly lonely.

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    "I wish people more people understood that there is nothing wrong with being "thirsty" for something worthwhile." -C.L.