Thursday, January 3, 2013

This Is My Year! (No Really This Time)

Oh what a tangled web we weave…when it’s ourselves we try to deceive…

“This is my year”, “Time to get serious”, “I’m all about my business”, etc…from the witty Facebook status’ to the profound Twitter statements you’d think that 2013 is going to be the greatest year in the history of the world! 8 billion people all going to do and be more than they’ve ever been in life! Now let’s turn to chapter 1 of a little book I like to call “Reality.”

Because the reality of it all is, for many this will not be an all star year. You won’t do more and be more, in fact for a large group you’re staring down the barrel of pure struggle for the next 365 days. Sucks I know. You will start this campaign and wage this war. On a mission to bring about the “New You”. Letting everyone who can hear and see you know, that much like the great words of McFadden & Whitehead “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now.” Sorry to break it to you…yes there is.

This isn’t about squashing a dream or assassinating ambition this is being honest. The fact is many of you will not have a better year for one simple reason…the date may be different…but you’re not!

Now before you go all, “But that’s why I’m making a change.” Slow it down there, you and the “Man In The Mirror”.

It’s great to want to better ourselves, it’s also important to remember that change is a verb, it’s an action word. It actually requires a fundamental alteration and that requires more than motivational quotes and Chinese proverbs. I believe it’s important to speak what we want into existence let’s just not spend so much time on finding the right words as opposed to creating the right behaviors.

There are so many people that are amazing at coming up with witty slogans or finding just the right phrases. But as long as your actions don’t match your language you will never be and have what you want!

Understand that if you’re becoming a “new you” you need to actually change to a new you. People who want to lose weight don’t just go to the gym, they start a new lifestyle; diet, exercise, rest…their whole life changes. Becoming a better student isn’t just about studying longer; it requires reading more, meeting with teachers/professors, getting into study groups, cutting back on counter productive behavior. Being a better mate isn’t just about being nicer or more romantic; it means listening, engaging, interacting, showing genuine love, compassion etc…

…and for many…that’s just too much work.

So what do we do? Stop talking! BE the person you want to be! Truly. If you don’t want to try harder…don’t. Stay on your mama’s couch at 35 still putting your name on the orange juice. Just save the countless speeches and rants about how this year will be different. If you don’t want to lose weight…don’t. Keep piling on the pounds getting everything “covered & smothered” & dipped in butter. Just stop posting pics of 6 pack abs and claims to be “working on your fitness”. If you don’t want to be a better mate…don’t. Keep running the streets, lying and being indifferent. Just stop quoting Drake, Will Smith & every romantic E-Card that says everything you DON’T feel. Save the words for those that truly believe them.

This moment is dedicated to the people that want to “talk the talk but not walk the walk”.

I’m not saying don’t try to be a better you…

I’m saying be the REAL you.

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