Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Mouse & The Elephant

Far too often in our society we place so much value on the wrong things & sometimes the wrong people. We’ve lost touch of what’s truly important in how we interact with one another, especially when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex. Men have been fooled into thinking money, cars & material possessions, are the best…and in some cases the only way to reach another person. We need to return to core male traits & values. This is a fable addressing just that. I give you…

“The Mouse & The Elephant”

C/O Michael Colyar

Once upon a time in the deepest darkest jungles there was a Mouse & an Elephant. The two were the very best of friends. They were always together laughing, joking & playing. One day as the two were strolling through the jungle, the Elephant fell into a giant hole. The Elephant screamed to the Mouse, “Help me! Help me! Pleeeease help me!”

The Mouse replied, “Fear not. I’ll run home and get my car. It’s a Mercedes Benz! I’ll tie your trunk to the bumper and pull you out!” So the mouse ran home as fast as he could. He went into the garage and drove his Mercedes Benz straight to the hole. He tied the Elephant’s trunk to the bumper & pulled him out. The Elephant wrapped the Mouse up in his trunk, giving him the biggest hug and told him they were “best friends!”

A week later the Mouse & Elephant were walking through the same jungle and the Mouse fell into a giant hole. The Mouse screamed, “Help me! Help me! Pleeeeeeease help me!” The Elephant looked down at the Mouse in the hole. He told the Mouse, “Fear not, I’ll put my d*ck in the hole and you can run right up to safety!” So the Mouse stepped back as the Elephant put his d*ck into the hole, & just as he said the Mouse ran right up to safety! The Mouse hugged the Elephant and told him they were “best friends!”

This is a life lesson that all young Men need to be aware of. It can mean the difference between failed relationships, lost loves, squandered money & countless nights of pain. In case you missed it…

The moral of the story…

If you have a big d*ck…

You don’t need a Mercedes Benz!

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