Saturday, October 26, 2013

Trickin' For Treats

“Trick or treat!” Yes it’s that time again…

When the streets will be filled with super heroes, cartoon characters, goblins, princesses, etc…it’s Halloween! The time when little kids (and adults) dress up in pursuit of fun. Children go door to door looking for candy and adults head out to the clubs and parties looking for a “sweet thing”.

Now I’m not going to go into the holiday’s origin or any of that stuff, this is just about looking at the “practice.” The practice of “perpetrating for payment.” Oh yes, pretending to be someone or something else all for the purpose of the sweet “come up!”

We’ve all done it; lying on a resume, using that “job interview voice”, spending an extra hour cleaning everything from our house to even ourselves…it happens…and that’s okay. As long as we’re honest with ourselves about doing it.

It seems like what was once an occasional or special event has become part of our day to day lifestyle. Putting on these “costumes” before we walk out into the world with a plan to obtain goodies. Ladies I see more and more of you passing up on the princess or fairy tale costumes and reaching for the more slutty end of your “whoredrobe”. Trying to maximize your take home. Competition has gotten fierce and you women are not trying to return empty handed. You’re out there playing to win and for some of you instead of a “Snickers” or a “Milky Way” you are on a mission for a “Pay Day”.

Men we’re no better. I’m seeing less and less “Knights” & “Kings” walking these streets. A lot of would be Super heroes out here trying to “save them”, and a lot of Clowns coming around with that foolishness. Shout out to the faux ballers masquerading as men of resources out here “trickin’ for treats”.

No one is being their genuine self and we have become a people of “I’ll show you what I got, now give me what I want.”

Can we have a little authenticity please?!? This 365 fakeness has blurred the lines like a Robin Thicke record. We knew who the bad guys/girls were. We knew who to be afraid of. This practice has gotten us to where we don’t know who to trust or what to believe. The Prince is too good to be true and the Devils aren’t as bad as they seem. We don’t even see the wolves in plain sight anymore but we spend all day patting down the sheep. The game has changed and it’s no longer the “Jason’s” or “Freddy’s” that will get you. It is true that you will catch more flies with honey than vinegar so beware. You better keep an eye out for “Alice” and “Snow White” not the “Wicked Witch“.

I understand that it’s exciting to break out of the norm and be a little different, wearing a mask and being “someone else” if even for a little while can be fun. We just can’t do it everyday. Halloween has its appeal because it only comes around once a year. It is something to look forward to and enjoy. However if that’s how we live everyday there becomes no point. What point is the day when we see goblins every trip to the store and monsters on our way to the mailbox?

Kids coming up to you one night a week for candy is cute, but seeing these clowns and jokers with a hand out everyday gets old. Spend a little more time on your craft than your costume.

We are all special unique and wonderful creatures…the real us. I hate to think that we’ve all become so fake that when we’re being ourselves people mistake that for the disguise. So after the 31’st can we put the masks away and hang the costumes up?

This moment is dedicated to all the people that are just as tired of the year long fakeness and would like to see a little more authenticity and appreciation…maybe next month…

…I like Thanksgiving more anyway…

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