Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bye Felicia (A Poem)

(A Poem Based On A True Story)

“When I met you last night baby…”

I apologize, but that’s all that popped in my head
With your ass hanging out
Breasts pushed to your head
Your Hooker war paint, whoredrobe’s best
And that ish you said?!?

Telling me about all of the “prestigious” men
You’ve been with was a mystery
Why would you start your introduction
With your history?

You see I’m looking for a lady
With class in her step
Not community box
That’s been passed to the rest

It must be the weekend
Because you’re loving “The Crew”
You’ve been with like 5 of the homies
And everybody knew
I know all of the stories and
“What that mouf do”
Even how you’ve been known to
“double up” a time or two

You’re a lesson I don’t need to learn
Not from a rash or itch, ooze or burn
I’m cool off the idea
Of it being “my turn”
I prefer vagina
I actually have to earn

So now you’re all in your feelings?

What you want to slap me?
Need a tissue?
Sorry but my penis is not your
Experimental counselor for your
Daddy issues

I don’t love you hoes

I say it harsh
So you can hear it
Get it all in your brain
Deep in your spirit

I know the thought of being alone
Is real and you feel it
But drowning your soul in
Unidentified dicks
Is not how you deal with it

I’m not a preacher man
And this isn’t the pulpit
And when it comes to frolicking
With hoes
I admit I’m a culprit
So I won’t act like
“I’m better than that”
Or some other bullshit

I just need more than THAT
Realest way I can put it

Wipe your face

I appreciate your pretty, “hello”
Your smile and time
As for “hooking up later”
I respectfully decline
Getting an STD has never been
An ambition of mine

Take care of yourself
It was a pleasure to meet you
Good night and good luck

Bye Felicia
Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Generic License.

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