Friday, January 15, 2016

Time Flies, But You're The Pilot

I've been told all along how "short" life is. How in the blink of an eye I would become an adult. My teenage years nothing more than a flash in the pan, then my 20's would fly by, 30's a distant memory, 40's gone like whoa... Forever hit with, "If I could go back and be your age again"... It felt like the game had just started and there went the "2 minute warning!" All of these voices telling me how quickly tomorrow would come. It was almost like I was being rushed through the line just to get to the end of my existence.

Now at 38 I can honestly say some of that was true. I can remember turning 21 like it was yesterday and now I'm almost waking up to 40. Hell my high school graduation isn't an all that distant memory and this year I'm having my 20 year reunion! But for every year that just seemed to whisk on by I have to say I have worked a lot of great experiences, relationships and memories in there.

My 20's were no different than most; a series of crappy jobs, some unfinished goals, a few amazing nights of reckless abandon & a few that I wish came with a delete button. In the midst of all the craziness, and immaturity I grew, developed, fell in love once or twice and forged a path for myself. The days weren't measured by the clock on the wall because it never changed. Time is time. The days were measured by what I got out of them, what I did & who I was with.

My 30's a little different. Not so much the wanderer, a little more direction. But time is still time. The funny thing is 20 feels like yesterday where as 30 feels like an eternity ago. I think my 20's were quick because of a lot of starting and stopping. I also did a lot of stupid things back then. Time flies by faster when you've got a bunch of days and memories you try not to focus on and forget. My 30's have been more focused on building, actually having bench marks and measures to gauge my work by. I think that's important. Having a career, family, goals, something! I may not be as fit as I used to be; knee braces are mandatory for any physical activity and I've turned in how many shots I can drink into making sure I've had enough water, but I'm good. I've learned the difference between a job and a career. I've applied standards to all aspects of how my time is spent and with whom I spend it. I truly appreciate having a new 24 hours to wake up to.

I'm enjoying where I am and see getting older as more opportunities to be better. Please believe I still have my "days" and life is far from perfect. My money is seldom "right", work takes precedence over social and family functions a little more often than I'd like and my relationship track record is a little "eh". But I'm good.

This moment is dedicated to all 86,400 seconds of everyday I'm fortunate to have to try to be the best me I can be...and If I could ever go back in time to a younger me my only advice would be, "Don't be so guarded with your heart, but protect your knees."

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