Friday, May 12, 2017

Yo Mama!

“Yo Mama so fat she irons her clothes in the driveway!”

“Yo Mama got one leg and they call her Ilene!”

Yo Mama teeth so yellow she spits mustard!”

For years the infamous “Yo Mama” jokes have plagued the playground. There was a time when disrespecting someone’s mother meant all out war. Mothers were the line you didn’t cross unless you were fully prepared for the repercussions.

From Boyz II Men to 2Pac I grew up hearing so many variations of men expressing their love and adoration for their mothers. “Ain’t a woman alive that can take my Mama’s place” was the sentiment by 2Pac and shared by millions. But something has happened in recent years, Mama isn’t getting the kudos like she used to.

In this era of “The Real Housewives Of Wherever”, grown women “doing it for the Gram” and ratchetness crossing social-economic lines, Mama really isn’t Mama anymore. This is the first time where generations have been so socially close. A 16 and a 36 year old are culturally the same. Those bold definitive lines of adult and adolescent, parent/child have been blurred away. With Mama and daughter listening to the same music, doing the same dances, pining over the same star and In some cases sleeping with the same man Mama’s pedestal has come down a little. Gone are the associations of motherhood with Clair Huxtable, Maggie Seaver, June Cleaver or Harriet Winslow. It’s like the ghost of Peggy Bundy is running rampant in 2017!

Now don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of great mothers out there. Mothers who sacrifice, love, fight and are willing to die for their babies still walk among us. They’re still holding the torch and being the beacon for wayward souls to find their way home. It’s these other Mothers or should I say Muthas out here?!?

These Muthas who forever drop their kids off as they shout the clichéd, “Mommy be back!” The Muthas who constantly introduce a new man as “Uncle So-and -So” then go in the bedroom and he along with the kid’s cereal are never to be seen again. The Muthas that use their children to get back at not only the father but any man that has hurt them in the past…you Muthas! You selfish, immature, hurt so you hurt, lousy ass broads! You have created a climate that has taken away from the Mamas out here making it happen!

And fellas…we have to do better by these women. If you “liked” her enough to have a baby with her you can “like” her enough to find a little more patience, compassion and respect when dealing with her. Leaving a mother to raise a baby by herself will create the stressed, bitter, angry, scared and vindictive woman that you have to deal with and your child constantly exposed to. Put your big boy pants on and be a Man for yourself and your kids.

This moment is dedicated to the women out there who sacrifice their lives for the creation of others. You place your own personal hopes and dreams aside. You forfeit traveling, careers, school, years of your life and dress sizes you will never see again for your children, for your family, for us. Thank you.

“Now let me get off mothers…because I just got off yours!”

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