Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Mirror I See

The mirror I see
The one that reflects the me that I be
Isn’t the face that society sees

Something like a fable or fairy tale
Am I the unknowing antagonist
Searching for unwarranted validation
In this reflective glass?

Or is it the rose colored glasses
Donned by this world like this eternal season’s
Intolerant fashion that bares
The false image?

Everyday I hear descriptions of people
Who look like me
Being labeled, ridiculed, even murdered

Their entire life
Summed up into a moment
Then presented like a feast
Before the court
Of public opinion

Details of their parenting,
Personal choices, history
Arrogantly listed off
Describing them
To a circumstantial tee

Based off of a description
That looks like me

This illogical doppelganger
Like a fraternal twin
This mistaken identity has caused
So much pain
Doctors should have it named

A pill should be sold
To be taken twice a day
To eradicate it

But I guess the side effects
Would affect the sides
Of power
Causing new patients
To become ill

So I guess I’ll just Windex this glass
Get it a little clearer
Then readdress
The man in the mirror

Since I can’t seem
To change the image
Society views when the
Description is given

This moment is dedicated to all of the people who live with the conflict of fitting the description of someone the world claims you to be…

Even though that person looks nothing like the face reflected in the mirror you see.

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