Saturday, August 11, 2018

Rinse & Spit

Sandblasters are used on buildings and pavement, acid is used on tile, even teeth require scraping and drilling at times... for something as strong as the human spirit and soul it may take a few storms to wash and clean what life has thrown at us. But when it's done...look out!

It may seem hard but sometimes it takes harsh tactics, trials & tribulations to strip away the residue of past mistakes, trauma and circumstances. Like that trip to the dentist, we have emotional and real life cavities that may require a root canal. Getting all the way to the base of the problem and doing the work at the foundation. Though the process can be downright painful the result is healing and wellness.

This moment is dedicated to everyone who is "going through it". It may hurt now, but it's better to deal with that appointment and get a sucker at the end...

then to not and stay the sucker everyday.

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