Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Trauma GPS

This idea of gauging how "real" we are by the amount of pain we can sustain is why so many of us stay in a constant state of PTSD. It becomes our identity. We begin to associate who we are by our illness, our divorce, our lost loved one or our struggles. We have a society now that has become so married to our pain that happiness, health & wellness our seen as weaknesses. That if we haven't been "traumatically tested" we haven't really lived. We've gotten so used to trauma that we actually look down on people who we feel haven't suffered enough. "Oh you ain't been through nothing".

Pain is inevitable, it's going to happen...let it push, let it fuel, let it teach, but it is not who we are...

Trauma is like that small town we stop in to get gas on a road trip...we had to go through it...but we're not supposed to live there.

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